Preschool Friday Note

Dear Preschool Families,

What a wonderful week we had, playing outside and getting excited about the seasonal changes all around us. In particular, the garden is full of surprises. The plump striped caterpillars of the swallowtail butterflies are ready to spin their chrysalises. The milkweed plants are covered with bright red beetles that mass together in large clumps. Stumpy the Squirrel was on the move all week. The children used clues to solve the mystery of where he might be each day. Emily Light, one of our teaching assistants, has begun taking small groups of preschoolers outside to more deeply explore the garden. There are still plenty of vegetables ready for harvest. This week, the children picked celery and prepared it for Friday’s snack.

We were happy to host student nurses from the Community College of Philadelphia. They presented an interactive lesson on the importance of hand washing. First, they squirted hand lotion laced with “germs” (green glitter) onto each child’s hand. Then, the children used soap and water to scrub in and out and all around, singing the ABC song to help time themselves. The results were squeaky clean!

As we continued learning about “Ourselves,” the Adventurers and Wonderers paid careful attention to the pages of Margaret Miller’s wonderful book Now I’m Big. Photos of preschool-aged children are featured alongside their baby pictures, and we learn through their own words what these children can do now that they’re big. Using oil pastels, your children then took turns drawing pictures of things they can do. We shared their pictures with the class and read aloud the words each child used to describe what she or he can do. Ask your child about his or her response to our question, “What can you do now that you’re big?”

The Explorers and Trailblazers are also learning about ourselves and who we are. We read a book entitled One World Together by Catherine and Laurence Anholt. The story features young children from many different cultures and helps to point out the similarities and differences among us all. For Project Time, we made paper dolls to represent ourselves. Each child chose a doll from a variety of skin tones. They dressed “themselves” in paper clothing and added hair, faces, shoes and even accessories such as earrings and necklaces. Each doll is a work of art and shows off the unique personalities in our classroom.

In Spanish, Madeline is helping make many connections to our theme work. The children are learning the vocabulary for body parts (such as hands, feet, head). She introduced us to a lively song, “Juanito Cuando Baila,” that reinforces these concepts through music and dance.

Friday, October 30 will be our Halloween Parade. Children may come to school in costume, if they choose. Along with Kindergarten, we will take part in a parade at 8:30 am (after we get settled in our classroom). We will march around the garden and parents are welcome to watch. Please bring a change of clothes so that, after the festivities, costumes can be safely stored in cubbies for future celebrating. If your family does not celebrate Halloween, please email us and we will be sure your child participates in a fun alternate activity.

Our autumn trip to the Schulkyll Center is next Friday, October 23. Please check you email for details on this fantastic outing.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Preschool Team