Preschool Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

Here we are at the final Friday note of 2015!! We’ve had a wonderful post-concert week. In the Trailblazer and Explorer room we have finished up our study of turtles in general and Myrtle in particular. Myrtle has had many opportunities to visit her “play space” constructed by the children. She did seem to enjoy the space created for her (but she may be secretly relieved to be back in her tank for awhile!) We’ve read lots of turtle stories and have learned many turtle facts. We did experiments to see what kind of food turtles like best and the children have become very careful observers. We read myths and legends about how the turtle got its shell and made up stories of our own. We read a wonderful tale from Korea called Maya and the Turtle where the turtle character becomes a super-hero and saves Maya from the giant monster centipede — the chidren  loved it!! On Thursday, Matt Murray from our Tech. Department came to preschool to teach the children a game called “Robot Turtles,” which is a very basic introduction to programming. (Hide your I-pads!!)

As a culmination of our recent focus on “Ourselves and Our Families,” the Wonderers and Adventurers enjoyed adding final touches to shoe box homes, arranging clothespin dolls inside of them, and baking a special snack to share with all of you this week. We could not have been more excited about welcoming you to our classroom yesterday morning.

In addition to our celebration of learning, we discovered so much more about the families of our children during this grand finale week of family stories! Anika’s parents and big brother Dylan shared a story about their vacation to Niagara Falls, where they wore special raincoats and saw beautiful rainbows. We also learned a bit about Anika’s multicultural heritage as Dylan pointed out Italy, Germany, Ireland, and India on a world map. Kate’s mom and dad visited and shared a photo of Kate’s baby sister, Jill, and told us all about life in the Netherlands, from where they come!; we saw pictures of windmills, bicycles, and real wooden shoes, and we enjoyed delicious traditional treats (“Taai Taai”) that Kate’s grandma (“Oma”) brought over from Holland. Asa’s parents and younger brother Levi joined us Thursday to share some photos of their trip to San Francisco, which also happens to be where Asa was born. Your children were curious about how long the plane ride took and loved seeing photos of Asa and Levi on a spectacular hillside slide. Benjamin’s mom joined us this morning and shared photographs of Benjamin having fun with his cousins. (He has lots!) We learned that they love to ski together. Ask your child to tell you how many cousins Benjamin has! This afternoon, Kiryn’s mom joined us and told us about a special trip Kiryn took when she was just a baby. The family traveled to India, where Kiryn’s father’s family is from. While there, they saw amazing elephants and visited many spectacular castles! We teachers were absolutely amazed when we realized that this year, for the first time ever, we had 100% family participation in the sharing of family stories. We know how very busy you are and wanted to share our thanks and appreciation. When we return in January, we’ll be launching a brand-new theme connected to the All-School theme of mysteries. Hmmmm……I wonder what it will be…….stay tuned.

Wednesday afternoon we had a lovely faculty holiday party at which we received HUGE gift cards from TPSA for book shopping. Thank you all for your contributions to this fund. We can’t wait to begin shopping.

The first four months of the school year have been exceptional in so many ways. Your children are so “at home” here now with close friends and many new interests. They are taller and stronger and more confident than they were when they arrived, and it is a joy and a privilege to be a part of their lives and a part of yours, too. We wish you all a wonderful winter break. Hope you have a chance to rest and be with family. Happy 2016! We look forward to seeing all of you in January.

The Preschool Team