Preschool weekly note

Dear Parents,

Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving? This year is flying by!! We’ve had a great week—the days have been unseasonably warm which has allowed for lots of extra outdoor play time.

This week in Spanish class the children have been learning the names of various family members—mama, papa, abuela (grandmother), abuelo (grandfather) hermano (brother) and hermana (sister). Maybe on Thanksgiving the children will get to see their abuela or abuelo!

The Trailblazers and Explorers are wrapping up their family study. They have all completed Family Books, which will be sent home next week. They’ve spent weeks working on these books trying to include lots of extended family members, pets, and even pictures of their homes. With Meg they made paper bag puppets that represent a family member who can say hello and good-bye in Spanish! Each member of our group has completed at least one sewing project—either a bag or a pillow. We’ll put sewing away for a while and try some new things at the art table when we return from Thanksgiving break.

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!” This week the Wonderers and Adventurers were treated to a classic tale—The Three Little Pigs. Post reading, our budding thespians re-enacted the story complete with a “Big Bad Wolf!” Ask your child to share a highlight of the performances. We noted that the pigs’ homes were made of straw, sticks, and bricks and began our own work transforming our shoe boxes (thank you for your donations!) into cardboard homes. We first used sandpaper to prime the boxes for a coat of paint. Honing our architect skills, we discussed optimal window and door placements, and finished out our week using various colors of paint to coat our boxes with.

This week in family story news, Julian and his mom talked about finding starfish at the beach and how much they enjoy swimming at the bay beach and a nearby lagoon. Alden and his parents, Lauren and Scott, shared a unique family story with us. Alden’s dad attended TPS, prompting us to learn the definition of the word "alum." Alden and his family shared several artifacts from young Scott’s time at TPS. A yearbook, photos, reports, and an invite were a few of the things highlighted in their story. Ask your child about the invite he received from TPS (letter of acceptance!). Later in the week, the kids were abuzz when they saw a question mark on our family tree. After vetting several clues, we guessed that Madeline was our mystery family storyteller. She shared a story that focused on her multicultural family. Madeline’s family is from Puerto Rico while her husband’s family is from Ireland. Ask your child what he/she noticed about the family picture she shared with us! Flanked by her mom and sister, Gweneth told us about her best friend, Madeline, and the fun playdate they had in Brooklyn at Pier 6. Ask your child about the Pete the Cat book she shared with the class. Finally, Sal and his parents shared a story about their dog, Charm. Ask your child what Sal and his family like to do with Charm!

We all had a special guest visitor this weekMary Beth!! She came to both classrooms to discuss allergies. Her son, Myles, has several allergies, and she shared with us all of the tools they use to help him feel better should he have an allergic reaction. Some of our children were happy to share that they, too, have Epipens and inhalers. Mary Beth read a wonderful book called Food Allergies and Me by J. Skinner. Ask your child about the tools Mary Beth shared with the group!

We have been invited to attend a Rock Concert on Monday—7th graders singing about their geology projects with drums and electric guitars! This may be your child’s first rock concert but probably not the last!

Tuesday will be the day of our Thanksgiving Feast when the whole school will gather together for lunch—this will be the Preschool’s first all-school event. Each unit prepares something for the feast and the menu will include a choice of pasta with butter, vegan and gluten-free noodles, lasagna, cornbread, salad, and brownies (there will also be gluten-free lasagna, cornbread and brownies available). Tuesday is a regular, full day of school, but you do not need to send a lunch in with your child that day. The feast is for students only. School is closed for Thanksgiving break beginning on Wednesday, November 25th.

Because next week is a short one, we won’t be writing a Weekly Note. We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family and good food. We are grateful that we have all of you in our lives every day.

Enjoy the weekend,

The Preschool Team