Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Primary A Families,

It was another short but productive week in Primary A! In reading workshop we compared our anchor charts for read-to-self (independent reading) to those for read-to-someone (partner reading) in order to see what was similar and different. We learned about how to read for understanding when we are partner reading. The students enjoyed learning how to sit EEKK style as they shared the books they are enjoying. Primary A students also worked in partnerships to coach each other, checking for comprehension. We learned that doing this ensures that we are reading “good fit books.”

Now that we have our reading levels, some students will start bringing book bags home to practice reading. We ask that they read each of the three books at least three times, and keep track of them on their reading log by writing the title and checking off each time they read it. Make sure to bring books back by the following Monday to trade them in for new books. This is a great opportunity for students to practice reading strategies they are learning and to have some fun book talks with you all.

We have been collecting “tiny topics,” lists of potential story seeds that we may choose to extend into small moment stories. Once we have thought of a story, we’ve learned to tell a brief verbal version, make a simple sketch about each section of the story, write a caption for each sketch, and then begin to write. These are valuable planning skills that students will benefit from for years to come.

During our Schuylkill Center visit we learned about air and its connection to weather. We read about the various ways air affects weather. As scientists, we drew, labeled, and took notes about what we learned from our observations and from our book on the subject.

Things to know:

  • Please be sure to check the calendar above for important classroom dates.
  • We have elected Riga to be our classroom Student Council representative. We know she will bring our classroom ideas effectively to the council!

This week, ask me
… about Encuentro. What was my favorite part?
… What does EEKK stand for? How do I check my partner’s understanding when reading?
… Who is Gooney Bird Greene, and what is she up to?
… What do "palmate" and "pinnate" mean when you look at leaves? (gr. 2)
… to show you different ways to make a number. How can you tell if a number is odd or even? (gr. 1)

Enjoy the weekend!

In partnership,

Cinda and Bernadette