Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Primary A Families,

This week was a busy one in Primary A. We started our week by launching guided reading, also known to the students as “book clubs.” Students are busy reading and logging “good fit” books until their guided reading group is called to read with a teacher. Primary A students love books and are always eager to settle down with one during read to self or Quiet Time.

The reading groups are a way for us to focus on some speciality skills and strategies that will help each of our diverse readers grow. In some of the groups we focused on identifying letter sounds (short vowels and consonants), tracking our reading, and fix-up strategies when reading, such as stretching out words, looking for picture clues, finding chunks in words, and cross-checking. We are also digging into some comprehension strategies, such as making predictions, looking at settings, and answering questions.

The students like meeting in small groups, and we teachers are enjoying getting to work with them in a way that allows us to differentiate their learning. Please be sure to ask your child what s/he is reading independently and how his/her small group reading is going.

We had some fun in the rain at The Schuylkill Center on Wednesday. Our Center educator, Damien, taught us about the four seasons and and the ways the different hemispheres of the earth have different seasons at a given time. He had Primary A and D students eagerly engaged in an activity that had them tossing yellow paper strips into a bucket. "What does this have to do with seasons?" you may ask.  Damien explained that the yellow strips symbolized the rays of the sun. Children found that when he held the bucket with the opening towards them (symbolizing summer) many more “rays” went into the bucket. When he simulated winter by holding the bucket opening further away from them, he collected fewer rays. It was a great lesson to show what affects seasonal temperatures.

This week, ask your child:

  • how Gooney Bird Greene ended.
  • about Encuentro and the Auricolae performance. What did I like about it? Here is a link to the trio's website:
  • about the 6th grade presentation of storytelling we went to this afternoon.
  • how I can use dominoes as a math tool.
  • about the game Domino Add and Compare? How can I count up by holding the larger number
  • what the November calendar is all about. (gr. 1 math)
  • how I can organize large numbers of objects to make it easier to count. (gr. 2 math)
  • how I can use string and two sticks to make giant bubbles.

Things to Know:

Save the date: TPS Winter Concert, Tuesday, December 13, 2016. Primary Unit Chorus will be singing these three songs for their Winter Concert. Please feel free to ask them about the songs, and maybe they’ll give you a preview! The concert dress will be black on the bottom and red on the top. TPS t-shirts are perfect. Otherwise, please don't wear anything with graphics on it, if at all possible. A red dress is also fine if students want to dress up. Here is the link to the songs the Primary Unit will be singing:

We hope you have a restful weekend after this passionate political week! 

In partnership,

Bernadette and Cinda