Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Primary A Families,

Primary A had another fantastic week!  Reading this week involved learning more information about frogs and toads. We utilized one of the reading comprehension strategies in order to demonstrate our learning.  We worked in small groups to answer questions in order to think about the similarities and differences between frogs and toads. We gathered more amazing facts like the largest frog in the world is a goliath frog found in Western Africa and the smallest frog is as big as pencil point.  Other facts included why frogs do not freeze in the winter, three reasons many frogs are becoming endangered, and why frogs communicate.  Ask your child about the new and interesting things they learned. After a discussion about what we uncovered from our reading, we were off to complete a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the two amphibians. It gives  us such joy to see how much the students are learning. 

In poetry writing, each student picked their favorite line from their daffodil poem to contribute to our class daffodil poem. We sorted through the lines, grouped them in categories, and carefully worked to arrange them purposefully. It’s not easy to write a 25-person poem, but we pulled it off!  We have added to our menu of descriptive phrases by learning to write metaphors. We noticed that similes describe something as being like something else and that metaphors name something as a totally different thing. “A sun as hot as fire” is a simile, but “the sun is a fire” is a metaphor. We set up a “museum of interesting objects” and walked around writing metaphors for the objects, describing them as being something else. We had a lot of fun trying to guess which objects matched their metaphor!

We collected sensory images at The Schuylkill Center by observing life at Cattail Pond. We even got to observe a very surprised toad that ventured out of its hiding spot. Back in the classroom we added written details about the things we saw, heard, felt, and smelled at the pond. Next week we will use these descriptions to write another poem. 

 This week, ask me:

…. which one of these is a simile, and which is a metaphor?

“My cat is a fierce lion.”

“My cat is as fierce as a lion.”

…. to name some 3-D shapes.  What can 3-D shapes do that 2-D shapes cannot? How did we build cubes and pyramids with polydrons? (gr. 1)

…. How does repeated addition connect to multiplication?  What patterns occur when you count by threes on the hundreds grid? (gr. 2)

Things to Know:

Our class trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences is on May 10.

Mark your calendars for the final Primary Learning Celebration at The Schuylkill Center, Wednesday, May 17, with a rain date on May 31.

Primary Unit teachers will be out in the yard on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:00 - 8:15, so if you would like to say hi, or need to check in with us about anything, you are welcome to do so at this time.

In partnership,

Bernadette and Cinda