Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Primary A Families,

It is hard to believe another week has gone by. It is true that time flies when you are having fun!

This week in Primary A, we continued to grow as a community of readers by working in guided reading groups and building stamina to read independently. In those guided reading groups we worked on using our letter sound recognition to decode consonant-vowel-consonant (C-V-C) words. Some other groups learned how to answer questions about the text and how to retell important story events. A small group of us learned about how to use our knowledge of short and long vowel sounds to “flip the sounds” in order to read words accurately. The students always enjoy when the teacher models how to flip a sound when reading a book. We have also been working hard to memorize sight words by using word rings to practice them. We had a very productive week in Reading Workshop.

Reminder: If your child is one who uses a word ring, please encourage them to practice for a few minutes each day, and to bring the word ring back each Monday, so that they can switch to new words once they have memorized last week’s words. Please remember to have your child read at least 20 minutes each night. This practice will help them grow in their fluency, and it is a good way to discuss books with them.

Writing Workshop this week was all about publishing. We created our own publishing company, titled Pr A Rocket Writers. We have been working hard on our small moment narrative stories. We wrote first drafts, and we revised them to make them more interesting, more detailed, and more complete. We then edited them for capital letters at the beginning of sentences, understandable ideas and sentences, punctuation at the end of sentences, and correct spelling. We are writing out our corrected versions of the stories in our best handwriting, and drawing beautiful illustrations. You will get to see and read our wonderful work during our Learning Celebration on December 13.

This week we began to work on science projects focused on air and weather. We began by generating a list of ideas that were connected to our science unit of study. We then took the list and decided which topic we were interested in learning more about. The students also decided if they wanted to work alone, in a partnership, or in a small group. It was nice to group students according to their interests. We have students focused on wild weather, weather tools, rain, thunderstorms, and how animals survive the winter. We are excited to watch the students become experts about their topics. This is also a time where students get to work with some peers with whom they would not ordinarily work so closely. We look forward to some new friendships developing out of these match-ups. Be sure to ask your child about his/her science project work and partners.

This week, ask me:

  • about the book fair and my wish list.
  • about the author, Anna Forrester, who came to share her book about bats with us.
  • about what I am reading independently or in guided reading groups.
  • What story am I publishing? Why did I choose this piece of writing?
  • What is a fact family? How can the fact family help me see the connection between adding and subtracting? What is my word problem about? What are the symbols that represent greater than and less than? (Gr. 1)
  • What is important to include in a math story that we write? How can I include just enough information without solving the problem? How can I show my thinking in the word problems I solve? How can I know what computation method is appropriate to use? (Gr. 2)

Important Dates to Know About:

  • Primary Unit will be going to The Schuylkill Center one last time before break, on Wednesday, December 7. Shhh... We will be roasting marshmallows; please review the ingredients in last week’s Friday Note and let us know if you have any concerns.
  • The Primary Unit Concert will be on December 13, 9:00 a.m. in the Garage, followed by our Learning Celebration in the classroom. Please review the dress code for the concert in last week’s Friday Note. 
  • Primary Unit will be taking a trip to the Arden Theatre to see the play A Year with Frog and Toad on Wednesday, December 14. 
  • The Franklin Institute will be coming to TPS to visit the Primary Unit on Friday, December 16. 
  • Winter Break begins Friday, December 16. The building closes at 3:00 p.m.; there will be no ASEP that day. We return to school on January 3.

Have a restful weekend!

Bernadette and Cinda