Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Primary A Families,

The Weekly Note has some new features. Above this note, you will notice the "Primary Calendar." Please check the calendar regularly for important upcoming events. We will provide details about those events in the Weekly Note or via email.

It has been a busy first full week! Here are a few highlights:

We had a wonderful visit to The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. Thank you for helping your child to be prepared by wearing protective clothing. Be sure to do a thorough tick check if you have not yet done so! As a way to get used the space, we walked the boundaries of the two areas we use and had such fun playing there. In the future we’ll use this beautiful outdoor space for our science lessons.

We have continued to communicate about ourselves in writing. This week we wrote about the things we’d like to do when we grow up and the things we can do to prepare now for those goals. For example, if we want to work with animals in some way (a common interest!), we thought of the ways we can spend time with animals now to learn more about them. We also wrote about our own hopes and dreams for this upcoming year. We are building our community by creating a list of agreements with each other to help us have a safe, inclusive, growth-producing year!

We have been introducing independent reading. We did a picture walk through Leola and the Honeybears by Melodye Benson Rosales, an African American version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We retold the story using pictures, carefully attending to sequence. We learned we could read all sorts of books, by using the following strategies:

1. Read and talk about the pictures
2. Read the words
3. Retell a previously read book

Upcoming Event: Back-to-School Night is October 5, 2016. We will use this time to share many details about the year!

This week, ask me:

...about Encuentro, and the All School Theme
...about my first visit to the Schuylkill Center. What was especially fun? to read any type of book? What are 3 ways?

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

In partnership,

Bernadette and Cinda