Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

The school year has only just begun, and we are learning more each day from your children! They’ve taught us what it’s like to play ball with Dad, to have a pillow fight at a sleepover, and to wait in line in a foursquare game. Your children, meanwhile, are learning to craft literature out of their experiences.

We can promise you that in our classroom there will be a great emphasis on writing well. Your child will grow in dramatic ways as a writer this year.

You may wonder how you can help your child to prosper as a writer this year. Please encourage your child by helping her/him realize that daily life brims with stories that deserve to be told. When your family hears a noise behind the wall and you use a flashlight to find that the noise comes from a squirrel who has been living there, remind your child that this would make a great entry in his or her writer’s notebook! When you get the chance to see some of your child’s writing, it would really help if you give that child what every writer needs above all: an interested, appreciative reader. If you do this, you will make your child feel like an author, and you’ll make it much more likely that your child will care about writing and will be ready to invest in the hard work required to grow as a writer.

We are partners in this incredibly important work of helping your child become a strong and confident writer. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to our ongoing communication.

Please note:

  • If you pick up your child after school, please, please check him/her out with a Primary teacher at the yard gate.
  • Our field trip to Crystal Cave is Wednesday, October 21.

This week, ask me…

...about singing, “Count on Me” at Encuentro.

…what we call people who study rocks. Also, ask me what characteristics we used to describe the rocks we observed. How did we crack open rocks safely? How did the rocks look inside after I cracked them open? What was it like to hike to a rocky location at the Schuylkill Center?

...what the word stamina means. How have I built my reading stamina? What small moment story(ies) did I write during Writing Workshop? What questions should I ask when I am writing that will help me to add details to my stories? What funny small moment story did Jane share with us? What are some things I can write about (ideas)?

…what my favorite greeting was this week in Morning Meeting. What games did we we play this week during Morning Meeting?

...what are some strategies I can use to add numbers. How can I find a missing part in an addition word problem? What is the answer to an addition problem? What is part-part-whole? How can I use a number line to solve math problems? What pattern(s) do I see on our October calendar? (1st grade)

…to practice addition and subtraction facts to and from 20. (2nd grade)

...what guest teachers came to read to us this week. What books did they read?

...what I am doing during Activity Time. How would I describe my week in school?


Bernadette and Jane