Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

The first paragraph of our note this week is from Chris Gignac, one of our music teachers:

The Primary Unit studies famous musicians each semester, and in keeping with the Philadelphia/neighborhood theme, we are studying the great vocalist, Marian Anderson, who grew up in this neighborhood. The two books we are sharing with the students are Marian Anderson by Jane Sutcliffe (a chapter book for young readers) and When Marian Sang by Pam Munoz Ryan (a picture book with CD). A YouTube video we watched is called "Marian Anderson, a Portrait in Music," which features footage of her singing "Deep River." The Marian Anderson museum is in the same house where she grew up and is located on Martin St. between 18th and 19th off of Fitzwater Street (Just a short walk from school.) Marian Anderson sang at the Union Baptist Church at 19th and Fitzwater, and there is an historical plaque on the sidewalk to inform visitors of her history there. For more information on Marian Anderson, here is the link to the Marian Anderson Historical Society.

Please note:

  • School Picture Day is this coming Tuesday, 10/20 at 1:35pm in the Garage.
  • We have a long bus trip to and from Crystal Cave on Wednesday, 10/21 (departing school at 8:50am, returning around 2:45pm). We will provide activities for children to do on the bus, and children also are welcome to bring along a book from home. Please do not send money for the gift shop, we won’t be visiting it.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are November 2 and 3. Please sign up to meet with us and with specialist teachers if you haven’t done so yet.
  • Please check out the link to our daily schedule (on the right side of this page). It will tell you where your child is and what he/she is doing each day.

This week, ask me… show you my “Tiny Topics Notepad.” Ask me what story ideas I have written in it, and remind me during the weekend to notice story ideas in the smallest moments and objects and to jot just a few words in my notepad as a reminder to myself.

…what “expanding vocabulary” means on the CAFE menu. Why should I tune in to interesting words when I read? What are some interesting words we discussed during our reading mini lesson?

...about my trip to the Wissahickon. How are the rocks there different and similar to the rocks in my neighborhood? What were some categories my group came up with for our rock sorting activity? What is a rock rubbing? Check out ours on the wall outside our room. What scale do geologists use to measure a rock’s hardness? What is the hardest rock? What is the softest rock? the pattern is growing on the October calendar. How can a number line help me add and subtract tens? What math games did I learn this week? (1st grade)

…what a rectangular array is. How did I know if my partner and I found all the arrays with an area of 9? or 12? (2nd grade)

...what I learned about Activity Time in the other Primary classes

...about Giovana’s band that played at Encuentro today


Bernadette and Jane