Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We want you to know that we launched reading logs in Primary A this week. Children will list the book title, date started, and date finished for all their reading at school and at home. Reading logs will stay at school, and we will collect them weekly for review. Students will use this information in class to inform themselves on how to have stronger reading habits. You can share in this experience by asking your child what s/he has logged in reading and by jotting a note or email to us when you start a new read aloud at home. We’ll help your child include at-home reading on the log.

Please note a date change for Primary’s winter learning celebration: revised date is Tuesday, December 15 (concert at 9 a.m., celebration in classrooms afterwards).

This week, ask me…

...about the layers of the Earth. How are they related to our rocks and minerals study? Also, ask how I recreated the Earth’s layers. And, ask me about the Bill Nye video we watched about the Earth’s crust. What are some things that can change the crust?

...what reading accuracy strategies I learned about this week. Why is it important to use beginning and ending sounds when I am reading? How can I blend sounds, stretch them out, and reread them? What does “flip the sound” mean? What books am I reading during reading workshop to practice the strategies we are learning?

...what a syllable is. What is a closed syllable? What is the difference between a digraph and a blend? (2nd gr.) handwriting practice is going for me. (1st gr.) telling a story across my fingers can help me add details to my small moment writing. Also, ask me what my small moment stories are about. to play KenKen. (2nd gr.)

...about our Pattern Block Data Collection Graph. (1st gr.)

As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to seeing you at conferences next week. 


Bernadette and Jane