Primary A Friday Note

Dear Families,

This week, students organized their questions about birds into categories. There was great discussion in the group as they made connections among structures: flying (wings), beaks (how they eat) and feet (talons), and between habitats and laying eggs (because birds have to have a good place to hatch their young).

We enjoyed our Birds of Prey lesson at Bartram’s Garden. What a great place to bird watch. We closed our eyes and listened to bird sounds, then pointed toward the birds, observed the lines of holes that woodpeckers made in trees, and saw several birds flying. We also created a food web that showed what eats what and the relationship among them. And, children had an opportunity to dissect owl pellets (sterilized pieces of undigested food that an owl has regurgitated).

Things to know:

For parents of 2nd grade students, we encourage you to attend the 3rd Grade "Move-Up Meeting" next Thursday, April 28 at 5 p.m. in the 3rd grade classrooms (on the 2nd floor). This is a great opportunity for you to meet each of the teachers and learn more about the 3rd grade program.  

This week, ask me…

...about my week in school (recess, Activity Time, Morning Meetings, Morning Work, and Specials classes).

...about our trip to Bartram’s Garden. What was my favorite part of the trip? What categories did we make from our wonderings about birds? Ask your child what s/he found inside his/her owl pellet!

... about the “I Have Who Has” games we played. (JW’s Fundations group)

…about the three sounds of Y. What is an open syllable? How is it different from a closed syllable? (BM’s Fundations group)

...what I am reading independently. What strategies am I using when I am reading? What is main idea and details? Also, ask me about our read aloud: The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White.

…about how I added details to my realistic fiction story. What is a Quick Write, and what were they all about this week?

... about what our guest teacher (Beckett’s grandmother) taught us in math. How will knowing my doubles help me with easy addition facts? (gr.1)

….to count coins we have around the house. (gr.2)

Have a great weekend!

In partnership,

Bernadette and Jane