Primary A Weekly Note

Hello all,

We are happy to tell you that your children have access to hundreds of ebooks through both TumbleBooks and our class’s subscription to Raz-Kids. Students can read, listen to, and even self-record reading these books. Students can access the sites through links from the 1st & 2nd Grade TPS Student Central page,

For Raz-Kids for PrA: Teacher Username: janehwhite; on class chart, click on student’s name, password for everyone is pr. You also can download a RAZ-Kids Mobile app to a tablet or phone, so children can access the books from more places.

Reading comprehension quizzes along the way show the progress that children are making. You can see which books your child has read, send messages, and review activity using the Parent Access area. Simply log in as your student, click the "Parents" link in the upper right, register, then follow the log-in instructions emailed to you.

Another source for free ebooks online is TumbleBooks, also accessible from a link on the 1st & 2nd Grade TPS Student Central page. From there, click the TumbleBooks link, then click Chapter Books or Nonfiction books.

Please note: Reading books on Raz-Kids and TumbleBooks is an option for students. We will not assign reading on either unless we think that assignments will help children to meet reading goals. If you’d like us to make assignments for your child because it helps if reading assignments come from us, we are happy to do that, too.

We’re okay with children occasionally listening to an ebook on Raz-Kids. If they choose to listen, we want them to also follow along with the highlighted words on the pages. Another option is to choose the ear icon under the book, which delivers a narrated version of the book, turn off the sound, and read along as the words are highlighted.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Bernadette and Jane