Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

How to begin? This week in Primary A we  practiced writing great beginnings to our realistic fiction stories--introductions that "yank" readers into our stories. Just as they did in their small moment personal narrative stories, writers are practicing using action, dialogue, and setting to grab their readers and make them want to read on. And what about our characters? Who are they? We have given them names, and this week we practiced showing who these folks in our stories are. And, of course, please show a lot of interest when your child tells you about the jams these characters find themselves in. Maybe you and your child could notice any great beginnings, characters, and challenges in books you are reading at home this weekend.

Please note: In addition to the Schuylkill Center, we have some other “outdoor classroom” trips planned during our bird study. The dates are listed below. We would love to have parent chaperones join us for these trips. Please let us know if you are interested!

  • Wednesday, April 20: Bartram’s Garden
  • Wednesday, April 27: John Heinz Wildlife Refuge in Tinicum
  • Wednesday, June 1: John Heinz Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum (tentative)

Also please save the date for our Wednesday, May 25 Primary Learning Celebration at The Schuylkill Center, 11:00am to 1:45pm. We hope you can join us, Please note, transportation to the Schuylkill Center is not provided for parents.

This week, ask me…

...about my week in school (recess, Activity Time, Morning Meetings, and Specials classes). show you how fast some birds can flap their wings. What are some facts I learned about all birds/some birds? What makes a bird a bird? What did I notice about different birds’ beaks from the pictures I observed? What did we do at the Schuylkill Center? the suffixes s, ed, and ing change words. (JW’s Fundations group)

…about consonant-vowel-silent e exceptions (rule breakers). What are adjectives, and how can they make my writing more colorful? Can I give some examples of adjectives? How can I show ownership/possession when writing? (BM’s Fundations group)

...what I am reading independently. Why do good readers ask questions before, during, and after reading? What is the difference between a need-to-know question and a want-to-know question? Also, ask me about our read aloud: The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White.

…about realistic fiction: What are some ways that my small moments writing can help with my realistic fiction writing? What are my realistic fiction stories about?

... about number chart puzzles. What happens on the number chart when you go left, right, up, or down? What do the words increase and decrease mean when I am referring to the number chart? (gr.1)

….to calculate the value of a mixed collection of coins to $2.00. (gr.2)

Have a great weekend.

In partnership,

Bernadette and Jane