Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week, we met with a representative from the Reach Out and Read Organization, which helps educate families about the importance of reading aloud to children. The Primary Unit students learned about how they could help provide books to support the organization’s goal of giving books to families for early childhood interventions. This is our service learning project that connects to what we are learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s tireless work to change our world. The students have brought home a letter explaining how the read-a-thon works and forms that keep track of how many books they read along with the names of their sponsors. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the project.

We continued our theme study of The City, focusing on the functions of shelter. We discussed how a shelter can be a place that provides protection, a place to keep belongings, and a home base for carrying out our daily activities. As the students viewed pictures of Jane’s home as an example to illustrate these functions, they began to think about their own homes. They then drew a picture of a favorite place in their home and identified its function(s) for them. It was wonderful to hear some of the stories behind their favorite places at home. In order to continue the discussions with you and other family members about shelter, the students have an assignment to complete. They are to take a look around their home and list examples of how it functions. We would like the students to return this assignment by Wednesday.

We look forward to hearing the students share their thoughts and growing knowledge throughout our study.

Field trip note:

In support of our Philadelphia and shelter study, we will go to City Hall on Wednesday, February 3 from 10am to12pm.

This week, ask me....

...about Morning Meetings this week.

...what I wrote about in my persuasion piece. How do you expand your opinion on something? What game did we play connected to persuasion?

...what character traits are. How do I decide which trait to give a character? What activity did we do to practice identifying character traits?

...what a suffix is. What does the suffix ed do to a word? What are the three sounds of ed? What are some interesting trick words we discussed?

… , in my reading, to be on the lookout for the words when, where, who, what, and why, and also when s makes a word plural. (gr.1 Fundations)

....what strategies I can use to add three addends. How can addition help me subtract when there is a missing number? What are the steps in doing a word problem? (gr.1)

…to figure out the differences in age among members of our family. (gr.2 math)

In partnership,

Jane and Bernadette