Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

During the next six to eight weeks, our class will be studying rocks, minerals, and soils. In this study, students will explore concepts related to the characteristics, properties, and uses of solid earth materials. As children study natural materials found in and on the ground and describe rocks in detail, they will develop their abilities to observe and communicate.

The study will emphasize direct experience and detailed observation, testing, and categorization of the properties of rocks and soils from the Schuylkill Center as well as minerals and soil ingredients, e.g., sand, clay, and humus. When students have this kind of in-depth, diverse experiences with the properties of rocks, minerals, and soils, they have a foundation for further study of geology and the changing surface of the earth.

Throughout the study, we’ll ask you to participate with your child in doing simple activities, which we’ll list in our weekly “Ask me...” (see below).

Let us know if you have comments, questions and/or want to rock hound (is that a verb?) with us. Thanks for your help.

This week, ask me… go outside with you to look at the ground near where we live. What objects on or in the ground are natural? What objects on or in the ground are people-made? In what ways is the ground near where we live different from the ground at the Schuylkill Center? What are some ways I described the rock I chose to write about in my science journal? What did I learn from the video we watched about rocks and minerals?

...what “watermelon” topic and related “seed” topics I brainstormed and which stories I’ll write.

...who is in my Family Group and how our Family Circle went. be on the lookout for bar graphs and picture graphs in anything our family reads. Maybe we could think of two or three things to compare using a Venn diagram (2nd grade). I can use the number rack to solve for the missing addend or the missing sum (1st grade). sing the song “Count On Me” to you. We’ll teach it to K-3rd grade at next Friday’s Encuentro. What do I count on my friends to be or do for me?

...what I think about our Community Agreements (1. Be safe. 2. Treat our classroom nicely. 3. Treat people the way you want to be treated. 4. If someone is talking, listen to them. Keep quiet. 5. Be quiet in the halls.)

...what guest teachers read to us this week. relaxing Quiet Time is going for me.

So nice to see you at Back-to-School Night. If you couldn’t make it and/or if any questions for us come to mind, please be in touch.

In partnership,
Bernadette and Jane