Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week in Primary A, we were all abuzz about our next step in helping people experiencing homelessness. As you all know, we will be selling pretzels for $1.00 on Fridays this month. To ensure we got the word out to our TPS community, we created posters to post around the school. A few of us also visited and made presentations to the other Primary Unit classes about the pretzel sales. The students explained that we are selling pretzels to benefit two shelters that we learned about in Philadelphia. The students are very excited to turn their learning into action.

Our Learning Celebration is on March 18, and along with sharing some of the work your child is proud of, we also want to continue our service learning through assembling care kits and making sandwiches to donate to shelters for people experiencing homelessness. We are donating to the SREHUP (Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia) and Lutheran Settlement House. We will use some of the proceeds from pretzel sales to purchase the ingredients for sandwiches.

We are also collecting donations of the following items for care kits: men’s socks, lip balm, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, wet wipes, beef jerky, other packaged snacks, band aids, combs, soap, adult and children size hats and gloves. Other items the shelters request are sugar, tubs of ground coffee, small coffee filters, industrial-sized trash bags, cleaning supplies (dish and laundry soap, etc.), and aluminum foil. If you can donate any of the items, please send them to school before March 18. We look forward to sharing our service learning experience with you all!


  • Primary Chorus and Learning Celebration is on March 18 from 1:15-3:00
  • Spring Conferences are on March 24 and 25 

This week, ask me… be on the lookout for vowel teams ee, ea, and ey in books I read at home. (JW’s Fundations group)

…about vowel-consonant-e words. Can I give some examples? How can I tell if a word has a vowel team or vowel-consonant-e? (BM’s Fundations group)

...about my book club work. What am I reading independently? What strategies am I using when I read? Also, ask me about our read alouds: The Lunch Thief and Shoebox Sam. persuasive book reviews. Did I write a new review or add to one?

...what the March calendar is about. How does an open number line help me look for patterns? How can I write a number in standard form and expanded form? (gr.1)

…to find more things around home to measure in inches, feet, and/or yards. (gr.2)

In Partnership,

Jane and Bernadette