Primary A Friday Note


Dear Primary A Families,

On Monday we welcomed (potentially) twelve new members to Primary A: fertilized chicken eggs! The children have been gentle, patient caretakers and have each had a chance to turn an egg. We expect the chicks to hatch on Monday, 5/23, and there are "chick cams" set up to ensure that we don't miss any action over the weekend. There were only three webcams available, so Primary A does not have one, but we have access to the ones in the other Primary classrooms (YAY)! You can visit the live web stream by clicking here:

TPS Bird Study 1 - From Primary B

TPS Bird Study 2 - From Primary D

TPS Bird Study 3 - From Primary C

The "chick cams" will run until we return the chicks to 4-H on Thursday, 5/26.

Our final Learning Celebration at The Schuylkill Center is coming up on Wednesday, 5/25, from 11:00 AM to 1:45 PM. Please read the following information carefully for details about the day:

Please plan to meet us at The Schuylkill Center at 11:00 AM. Unfortunately, we do not have room on the buses for parents. Driving directions are available online: We encourage you to carpool to and from The Schuylkill Center.

You may park in the main Schuylkill Center parking lot. From there, a teacher will direct you to Pine Plantation to meet your child. Please bring a trashless picnic lunch, and we’ll eat together. After lunch, you and your child are welcome to explore The Schuylkill Center. We will provide you with a trail map and a list of suggested activities. There will also be teachers along the trails to help you find your way to our favorite places.

At 1:05 we will gather in the Amphitheater for a special bird presentation given by an educator from The Schuylkill Center Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic. The presentation will end around 1:45 PM, at which time the children and teachers will get ready to board the buses for our return to school. Please let your child’s teacher know if you plan to take your child directly home with you from The Schuylkill Center.

It’s important that we know in advance if you are unable to attend next week’s event so we can plan accordingly and partner your child with a teacher. If you are running late getting to the Center that day, please email your child’s teacher so we can let your child know. Finally, if we need to cancel due to inclement weather next Wednesday, we will send an email to all Primary Unit families by 8:00 AM that morning. We’re looking forward to a great celebration!

Have a great weekend!

In partnership, Jane and Bernadette