Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe that we are coming to the end of another month. Primary A students have been busy as bees, learning and having lots of fun! This week in Reading Workshop, students learned and practiced key strategies from the CAFE Menu. The goals that are under comprehension are “check for understanding” and “back up and reread” periodically to be sure they are understanding what they are reading. You can practice backing up and rereading to check for understanding when you are reading out loud at home and discussing books. We also continued to “tune in to interesting words” to help build our vocabulary. We introduced our iPads this week for students to practice “listen to reading.” You can access “Storyline Online” and “TumbleBooks” any time at

Please note:

A reminder that school starts at 8:20am. We sit down for Morning Meeting promptly at 8:30. Please make every effort to get your child here on time. Thanks.

Please make sure you signed up for a Parent/Teacher Conference time, November 2 or 3. We look forward to discussing the school year so far.

This week, ask me…

...what book we read to help us learn how to zoom in on a small moment for writing. How I can I write my small moment story in more detail? (grade 2) What did I write about my trip to Crystal Cave? (grade 1) What topics did I add to my tiny topics notepad this week?

…how to “check for understanding” when I am reading. What does “tuning in to interesting words” mean? What were some interesting words in the book, The Curious Garden? What are some interesting words I found when I was reading? (grade 2) What should I do if I do not understand what I read or I drift off during reading?

…what is a blend? What is a digraph? What are some examples of blends and digraphs? When do I use k, c, or ck when I am spelling a word with the /k/ sound? (grade 2 Fundations)

…the sequence of the alphabet and about the three-sound words we read and wrote this week. (grade 1 Fundations)

…about Virgina sharing the seventh grade’s crystals with us. Also, ask me what I can use to make crystals and about looking at crystals under a microscope.

...about my trip to Crystal Cave. What are some interesting facts I learned about the cave? What did I do on the bus ride to and from Crystal Cave?

...What did I learn from Isabel’s grandmother? What does anything ending in “ology”


...what I did during Activity Time this week.

...what we did during Family Circles. ...what I learned from tech teacher Matt about iPads?


Bernadette and Jane