Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This was a week filled with exciting learning. Our knowledge about birds continues to grow as we read more, discuss more, and apply our knowledge to some explorations/observations. We started the week thinking about the structures of birds, specifically their beaks. We wrote about and illustrated the different shapes of beaks and how birds use them to fulfill their needs. We also carefully examined pictures of birds and their beaks in small groups. The students then sorted the bird pictures according to the attributes the beaks shared. It was interesting to watch and listen to their reasoning for why one beak went in a group with another beak. We also looked at feathers under a microscope and noticed the shape and color of each of them.

On Wednesday we turned our attention to the places where birds live, their habitats. At the Schuylkill Center we discussed what birds need to survive. Students decided they need space, fresh air, water, food, and protection. We observed two different habitats: a meadow and a pond. Students sketched each habitat using labels to identify the things in each habitat birds use for survival. As we continue to be bird detectives, please continue to ask your child to share what they are uncovering about birds.

Whole group read-aloud times are some of our favorite moments in Primary A. It is so lovely to have our read-alouds connect to our bird theme. The students are loving Trumpet of the Swan, and this week we read another book that helped to stretch our knowledge about birds, The Peregrine’s Journey: A Story of Migration. Please take a moment to ask your child about what they are learning from these amazing books.

A reminder about birthdays: If your child has a summer birthday or has not yet had a birthday celebration at school this year, please email us as soon as possible to schedule a time to celebrate. The school year is quickly winding down, and we want to make sure each child has a chance to feel recognized by our classroom community!

This week, ask me…

...about my week in school (recess, Activity Time, Morning Meetings, Morning Work, and Specials classes).

…about my exploration of feathers. Also, ask me what I sketched in my science journal this week and how my group sorted the beak pictures and why. notice the endings -s, -ed, and -ing on words in books I’m reading at home. What do those endings do to the words? (JW’s Fundations group)

...about the the story, Adjectives are Handy. What are adverbs? Can I give examples of adverbs of when (time), where (place), how often, and how an action is done? (BM’s Fundations group)

...what I am reading independently. What strategies am I using when I am reading? Why is it important for me to read good fit books?

…about my journal entries this week. Did I use any strategies to make my writing more interesting? word problem work. Would you help me practice telling time to the hour and half hour? Also, ask me how I practiced my double facts and what strategies I can use to add numbers to 20. (gr.1)

…to identify and count coins. (gr.2)

Enjoy the weekend!

In partnership,

Jane and Bernadette