Primary A Friday Note

Dear Families,

This week, we had a visit from Kelly Davis, TPS parent and director of Lutheran Settlement House which runs Jane Addams Place, the shelter to which we donated soft pretzel sales money. She thanked our group for donating sale proceeds and told us the money would be used to support summer camp programming for children who live at Jane Addams Place.

We had so much fun nest-building at The Schuylkill Center this week, and we have a new appreciation for the work that goes into making a shelter. Be sure to ask your child about the nest s/he built, and take a look at our photos.

Additional notes:

Remember to do tick checks!

Tomorrow, 5/14/16: International Migratory Bird Day Event at the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum, 7am-2pm

Monday, 5/23/16: Field trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences

Wednesday, 5/24/16: Primary Learning Celebration at The Schuylkill Center, 11am-1:45pm

This week, ask me…

...what bird I am becoming and expert about. What have I learned about it so far, what else do I want to know, and why did I choose that particular bird?

...why birds need nests. How are birds’ needs for shelter similar to mine? I’m adding color to my bird drawing in art and what bird song I’m composing in music. wingspan activity. What birds’ wingspans did I compare my wingspan to? Help me practice addition/subtraction facts to 10. Help me tell time to the hour and half hour. (gr.1)

…to notice metric measurement notations on things around our home and neighborhood. (gr.2)

...what inferring is and how it can help me to understand what I’m reading. our brainstorm ideas for our “Memory Books” might help my writing. be on the lookout for the vowel-consonant-e pattern in words in books I’m reading at home. (JW’s Fundations group)

...about the two new prefixes “de=down, away from and pro=for, forward.” What about my trick word practice? (BM’s Fundations group)

...what I learned about fairness from watching the third grade play.

...what about the kindergarten visit.

Have a great weekend!

In partnership,

Jane and Bernadette