Primary A Note

Dear Families,

Albeit short, we had a productive and fun week (albeit short) in Primary A.

Would you help extend this week’s conversation about shelter in Philadelphia and beyond? You could include in your conversation ideas about building materials, architectural style,and cultural influences. If your child is interested in a specific kind of shelter, you might do some research about it together.

In support of our shelter and Philadelphia study, we will take a field trip on Wednesday morning to City Hall. And, a reminder, if you haven’t already, please do the “how your home functions” assignment with your child. Thanks.

Watch out! We may be creating a monster in Primary A. You and we know what good negotiators your children are. Now, they are growing into convincing persuasive writers. See “Ask me…” below for suggestions of things to ask your child about writing (and you may pick up some tips to help fend off...errr, extend...their good arguments!).

This week, ask me…

…how to figure out the numbers in a number grid puzzle piece (what happens when you go up, down, left, right, or diagonal) (gr. 1 math)

…to think about how I could figure out how to divide something among a group, e.g., how 3 people could share 4 apples. (gr. 2 math) I’m using comparisons, small moment stories, and experts’ opinions to make my writing more persuasive.

...about the book I Wanna Iguana, which we read aloud this week. making “text to self” references help me to connect to and think about what I’m reading. What text to self connections can I make in the books I’m reading at home? notice in books I’m reading words that contain “qu.” (gr.1 Fundations)

… about the trick words that challenge me when I am spelling them. When do I use the trick words there, their, or they’re? (gr. 2 Fundations)

All the best,

Bernadette and Jane