Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week was one packed with many opportunities for Primary A students to continue to be careful listeners, thoughtful thinkers, and active learners. We had our first of a few kindergarten visits. We shared some things they can look forward to in the Primary Unit and tried to paint a clear picture of our classroom, the Lombard Street building, and our school day. We sang some of our favorite songs in between the sharing. It was delightful to watch the Primary A students take the lead and help the kindergartners feel welcomed.

We ventured out to the John Heinz Wildlife Refuge in Tinicum as we continue to explore and uncover information about birds. Students utilized their prior knowledge about how a bird’s habitat meets its needs as we walked along a trail. Students were also on the lookout for any bird sightings and other things on our Bird Scavenger Hunt. They were looking for things such as places where birds could hide, things that birds could eat, places where they could get water, nests, materials to make nests, holes in trees for birds to hide, and birds making noises. As we worked really hard to walk quietly, we were amazed by all the bird sightings and sounds. We spotted a blue heron, an egret, and lots of swallows. We stopped along the way to use our binoculars to get closer looks of these spectacular birds. Please take a moment to ask your child about the trip.

Save the Date: Learning Celebration at the Schuylkill Center on May 25.

This week, ask me…

...about my week in school (recess, Activity Time, Morning Meetings, and Specials classes). How about that amazing kindergarten and Primary recital? Also, ask me about the special guest teacher.

...about our morning work: “Memory Book” writing. be on the lookout for the vowel-consonant-e pattern in words in books I’m reading at home. (JW’s Fundations group)

...about my work with open and closed syllables. What’s the difference between the two? Also, ask about my a and an chart. (BM’s Fundations group)

...what I am reading independently. What strategies am I using when I am reading? What do we use a venn diagram for? Also, ask me about our read aloud: The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White.

…if I wrote journal entries, fiction, or both this week. Did I use any strategies to make my writing more colorful? Also, ask me about our class poem.

...what the May calendar is all about and about how to measure using a ruler. What is my wingspan in inches? Help me practice addition/subtraction facts to 10. Help me tell time to the hour and half hour. (gr.1)

…to notice metric measurement notations on things around our home and neighborhood. (gr.2)

Have a great weekend!

In partnership,

Jane and Bernadette