Primary A Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Primary A students are continuing to have lots of fun learning together. In Reading Workshop, we focused on retelling stories using the Retell Rope. We modeled this strategy with a read aloud, Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. We discussed how retelling a story includes characters, setting, problem, and the events leading to a resolution. This comprehension strategy is something you can practice at home when reading with your child. We also connected the sequencing of events to our small moments writing during Writing Workshop. Using the transition words in our writing helps us to stretch out our thoughts and add important details. It is fascinating to see how the students are growing as readers and writers.

Calling all cornbread makers! The Primary Unit makes cornbread for the TPS Thanksgiving Feast. If you would like to help Primary A make and bake on Wednesday, November 18 for about an hour starting at 9:00, come on in. Come for Morning Meeting at 8:30 if you’d like. We know this is short notice of a classroom volunteer opportunity. Thank you for flexing with us as we worked out details of buying a lot of ingredients and scheduling kitchen time.

This week, ask me....

...what differences I noticed when I looked at sand, talcum powder, salt, and chalk under a magnifying glass. Also, ask me about the drawing of a quartz vein, which I did at the Wissahickon.

...about my Home Scavenger Hunt Activity due next Friday, November 20th.

...what can make rocks smaller and smoother.

...what the Retell Rope is. How can I use transitional words, first, next, then, and last in reading and writing? What was the story Chrysanthemum about? I stretched out my writing. Did I jot any new ideas in my tiny topic notepad? I can use dominoes to add numbers and then compare them. What new pattern do I see on the November calendar? What is a fraction? How can I show a half or a fourth? What are some addition strategies we can use to add numbers (gr. 1) tell you some ways I can find differences between numbers. Also, ask me how to play the pocket game and what some good strategies are for our “Guess My Number” game. (gr. 2) notice capitalization and punctuation in the books we’re reading at home. Also, ask me to notice words in which two consonants together make one sound, e.g., sh, wh, ch, th, and ck. (gr. 1)

...what the bonus letters are. What words get a bonus letter? What are glued or welded sounds? What are some examples of them? (gr.2)

Have a great weekend!


Jane and Bernadette