Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

Our first full week of school was jam-packed and fun-filled. The children are happily readjusting to the structure and rigor of a school day, and they are becoming experts on our classroom procedures.

The focus of our first several weeks of school is on building community and interdependence. This week, we worked together to generate our classroom rules. First, the children brainstormed a lengthy list of school "dos and don'ts." Then, we categorized the "dos and don'ts" into four groups based on if they pertained to people, places, materials, or learning. Finally, we came up with one rule for each of the categories that encompassed all of the specific ideas the children had. Primary B's classroom rules for the 2016-2017 school year are:

1. Respect everyone.
2. Be responsible with materials.
3. Be focused and try your best.
4. Take care of the places we go.

These are great "all-the-time" rules, so feel free to reference them at home!

We are in the "launching phase" of several academic components, including reading/writing workshop and math. Be sure to ask your child:

  • What books did he or she read during Read to Self?
  • What topics did he or she write about for our All About Me writing project?
  • What is the calendar pattern in math?

As you will see on the Primary Unit calendar above, Back-to-School night is on Wednesday, October 5th. The event will begin with a reception in the Garage from 5:30 to 6:30 followed by a presentation in our classroom.

It's very early in the year, and we are already beginning to feel like a tight-knit class. One student shared that her highlight, or "rose," of the week was that she is "already making a lot of new friends." We feel that way, too!

Have a lovely weekend,

Becca and Marisa