Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

Happy New Year! A new year calls for launching new units of study, and that's precisely what we did this week.

In Writing Workshop we began writing informational texts. First, we discussed the difference between using a "teaching voice" and a "storyteller voice." Then, the children came up with topics that they were "experts" on and wrote as much as they could about those topics. The next day, we learned how to decide which facts to include in our pieces by asking ourselves, "What is something my reader would absolutely need to know about my topic?"

In Reading Workshop we started a unit on nonfiction. (This will come in handy when we learn how to do research for the informational texts we are writing!) We learned about the purpose of reading nonfiction and how you can gather information from each page just by looking at the pictures.

Our theme study this winter will focus on neighborhoods. We started off by brainstorming what we already know about neighborhoods and by identifying the questions we have. During the first phase of our study, each child is going to become an "expert" on his or her own neighborhood. To get this started, we have given your children a "homework" assignment: Ask your families about your neighborhood! If your child forgets, here are some questions he or she could ask:

  • What is my neighborhood called?
  • Is our neighborhood famous for anything?
  • Are there places to play in our neighborhood?
  • Is there a place to get groceries in our neighborhood? Do we get our groceries from it?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Becca and Marisa