Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

It has been a short week, but one full of special events and challenging lessons.  Our whirlwind included celebrating Valentine’s Day, watching and participating in the TPS Talent Show, beginning to think about the desirable establishments within a neighborhood, and researching our own Philadelphia neighborhoods.  

In theme students were shown pictures of notable Philadelphia establishments (Lincoln Financial Field, Citizens Bank Park, the Barnes Museum, Walnut Street Shopping District) and talked about the names of these places.  With a lesson under their belts about how establishments get their names, students took on the job of naming the notable places within their "United City" neighborhoods.  Students are recognizing the challenges and importance of collaborating and thinking ahead as we plan out our city.  We have one skyscraper named after former city inhabitants and another named in Mandarin, a university named Rakkuss University ("love" in Finnish), and a city dump with an eye to reusing known as Recycling Construction Dump. 

Students were given the opportunity to think about what establishments were most important to their neighborhoods, and each child got to create his/her own store, restaurant, hospital, or train station.  While our citizens have an ample supply of candy stores and two hospitals, we don’t have a single dentist in United City!  In future weeks we will address this shortage and help the students to balance their City.  

We hope you enjoy your long weekend. See you on Tuesday.

Marisa and Becca