Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

We are going full swing in Primary B, working hard in all areas of study!

This week students learned about several ways authors show and tell the reader about characters.  Students had fun thinking of familiar characters and their character traits.  As the week progressed students were able to test their skills by using text clues to determine the types of personality traits that the characters Frog and Toad show.  They were then introduced to two brand new characters, Zelda and Ivy, and used textual clues and inferences to identify their character traits.

As we continued our frog project we were excited to begin collecting items for our frog and toad museum. A few students have already taken the opportunity to bring in artifacts to share with the class. After having a mini fact plaque filled out, museum artifacts are displayed in the classroom for as short or long a time as the students (or their families) choose.  Please feel free to check in with us if you or your child have any questions about bringing something in for the frog and toad museum.  

At The Schuylkill Center this week it was clear that spring has sprung. We saw a variety of wildlife including a snake, a opossum and, of course, many frogs.  At Springhouse Pond one student believes she counted eighteen different frogs!  While getting to watch the frogs and see the pond, we asked students to write down as many questions as they could think of about frogs and toads.  In our study, the students' questions will help drive what we learn.  So far, students seem most interested in the different types of frogs and what they look like.

Questions to ask you child…

  • What questions do you have about frogs and toads?
  • What items did look at with your poet's eye?
  • 2nd: How big around is your head?
  • 1st: Demonstrate how to use a number line to add and subtract.

A look ahead…

Wednesday & Friday Mornings: Look for Primary Unit teachers in the yard. From 8:00 to 8:15 we are out and available to check in, say good morning, or just chat with you and your kiddos.  We hope to see you there.

4/21 No School: Professional Development

5/17 Primary Unit Learning Celebration at The Schuylkill Center

Have a good weekend,

Marisa and Becca