Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

Our frog study is in full swing! On Tuesday we had a lesson called “Why Your Teacher Is Not a Frog!” Through a rather silly lesson about Becca’s mammalian traits, students were able to identify facts about frogs that are true for all amphibians.  We discussed that frogs start life as eggs, hatch as tadpoles, and metamorphose to frogs.  Humans, like Becca, are born as humans and stay that way their whole lives.  Students demonstrated their understanding by creating a Venn diagram depicting the similarities and differences between Becca the Frog and Becca the Teacher.

At The Schuylkill Center this week we ventured to a new place, the stream!  We met a new environmental educator named Carrie.  Our intent was to find some small creek dwellers who are generally eaten by frogs.  Though we did not find any macroinvertebrates, the creek was a wonderful opportunity for our kids to get wet, dirty, and have fun!  In the future, we recommend students wear rain boots or shoes that are okay to get wet on Schuylkill Center days as we continue our study of frogs and toads.  

On Thursday afternoon we had our first frog expert come in and share.  Our community’s own Dr. Stacey Trooskin (also known as Miles’ mom) shared new scientific research on using frog slime to help develop a new flu vaccine.  Students asked questions about the type of frog, how the scientists get the slime, and how scientists figured out that frog slime might combat the flu!

Questions to ask you child…

  • Why is your teacher not a frog? 
  • What does it mean to be a vertebrate? 
  • What are some differences between amphibians and mammals?

A look ahead…

  • 5/10 Primary Unit Trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences
  • 5/17 Primary Unit Learning Celebration at The Schuylkill Center (rain date 5/31)
  • Wednesday & Friday Mornings: Look for Primary Unit teachers in the yard from 8:00 to 8:15 a.m.; we are out and available to check in, say good morning, or just chat with you and your kiddos.  We hope to see you there.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Marisa and Becca