Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

Primary B students joyfully returned to school after spring break, ready to socialize and embrace learning.  After sharing about our adventures, we got to work. We initiated several new units of study across multiple content areas this week, and we have a few more to roll out soon.  This spring Primary B students will be studying frogs and toads, poetry, measurement and number lines, and the characters in their books.

Our return to The Schuylkill Center was graced with wonderful weather.  We played a lot at the familiar Founder’s Grove.  As a class we gathered to discuss the art of observation, noting what senses we use and what the best environment for observations looks and sounds like.  We then hiked to a new space, Cattail Pond.  We were able to observe several frogs in the pond and many tadpoles.  We recorded our “Observations and Wonderings” about frogs and toads in our new science notebooks.  

Our frog and toad study is based in science, but we expect our study to be a cross-curricular project. Students will read books, both fiction and nonfiction, write poems and scientific observations, interview visitors to our classroom and go on trips to explore frogs and toads.  If you know anything, anything at all, about frogs and toads that you could share with Primary B, please reach out to us We are looking for “experts”!

In writing this spring we will focus on poetry. Our class definition of poetry is “Poetry is a gathering of words.”  As we shared what we think we know about poetry, students noted that “Poetry always rhymes, “Poetry sometimes rhymes,” “Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme,” “Poetry can be funny, silly, sad, or serious,” and “Shakespeare wrote some poems.”   We listened to mentor texts, shared poems with a partner, and will begin writing our own poems soon.  

Questions to ask you child…

  • What is the new read-aloud book about? 
  • What do you hope to learn about frogs and toads?
  • What did you observe at the ponds?
  • What poem did you read with your partner?
  • What happened Thursday afternoon? (Hint: in the Garage)

A look ahead...

4/21 No School - Professional Development

5/17 Primary Unit Learning Celebration at The Schuylkill Center

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Marisa and Becca