Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

It was lovely to see many of you at our Schuylkill Center Learning Celebration. Thanks for braving the heat!

On Monday we learned about a new style of poetry: odes! Muses included brownies, basketball, Minecraft, and glitter. Be sure to ask your child what he or she wrote an ode to.

Also in writing, we combined what we learned during our informational texts unit with our frog study to create All About Frogs books. Although we typically expect students to follow directions the first time we give them, we felt it was a good sign that we had to give several reminders to children to stop writing so that we could line up for recess!

To conclude our frog study, we began brainstorming potential individual or group projects. More information will come on that as we start working on them.

This week we introduced a new Friendship Tool called "The Friendly Reminder." This tool is for children to use when they notice one of their classmates is not following our rules or has inadvertently done something that bothered them. To use this tool, children must follow these four steps: 

1. Both students take a deep breath. 

2. Child 1 tells child 2, "I have a friendly reminder for you. Could you please _____ (gives advice about what they should do) because  _____ (explains how their action was harmful)."

3. Child 2 says, "Thanks, I'll work on that."

4. Both children agree to move on.

Feel free to try it at home!

Ask your child...

  • What did you write an ode to?
  • What book did we start reading in Read Aloud?
  • What facts did you include in your informational text about frogs?
  • What are you hoping to create for your frog project?


If your child has a summer birthday and he or she would like to do an in-class birthday celebration, please email us to schedule a time.

There is no school for students on Friday, 5/26, and Monday, 5/29.

We hope you all have a restful weekend,

Becca and Marisa