Primary B Weekly Note

Public Service Announcement: Fidget toys and spinners are not allowed in Primary B.  They are a toy, and we have a firm “No Toy” policy in the Primary Unit.  If students bring them, they MUST remain in backpacks during the school day. 

Dear Primary B Families,

We are fully engrossed in our frog and toad study.  On Tuesday we did a frog and toad “Read to Someone.”  During this time students were given a question, a book, one or two partners, and a mission: Find the answer to the question!  Primary B herpetologists were also invited to think up any “burning questions” that have not yet been answered in our study.

On Wednesday we visited Spring House Pond and the creek.  We didn’t find many frogs, but students observed some large tadpoles!  After a long-ish hike to Founder’s Grove, we did a question-answering activity.  Using the hundred-plus questions Primary B asked a few months ago, students were put into small groups and tasked with talking about the answers and writing them down.  Students knew the answers to nearly all of the questions they had asked!  

We also created projects that represented our learning from the study.  This time around students have chosen to represent their learning through posters, dioramas, short books, three-dimensional models, and a play.  We will practice presenting our projects to each other, and then present to another class before the end of the school year.  

In our spare time we continued reading Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great for our character study, and Double Fudge for our afternoon read-aloud, both by Judy Blume, and worked on our poetry.

Questions to ask you child…

  • What are you making for a project?  What is it teaching?
  • What are some of Sheila Tubman's character traits?
  • What questions did you help to answer this week?

A look ahead…

5/26 - No School - Professional Development 

5/29 - No School - Memorial Day 

6/9 - Graduation - Half Day (11:30 a.m. dismissal) - Last Day of School

-- Marisa and Becca