Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

Did you know we are in the final six weeks of school? This is a great time to reflect with your child about how the school year has gone and discuss his or her hopes for the end of the year.

In science this week we learned about frogs' major internal organs. At The Schuylkill Center we focused our lesson on frog habitats and drew realistic, detailed depictions of Springhouse Pond. We then wrote our ideas about how the different things we observed at the pond meet frogs' needs.

Our Reading Workshop unit has been all about getting to know and learning from characters. For the past couple of weeks, we have been noticing how characters change from the beginning to the end of a story and then figuring out how those changes can teach us important lessons about life. This is a great way to encourage higher-level thinking when reading and discussing books with your children at home.

This week our young poets wrote "The Important Thing About Me" poems. In this style of poetry, children decide what they feel is the most important thing about themselves and list it along with other ways to describe themselves. (Check out The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown for specific examples.)

In math the second graders recently wrapped up a unit on measuring small and large objects in inches, feet, and yards using rulers, yardsticks, and comparative measurements. The first graders are just starting a similar unit during which they will learn to measure objects (and each other!) in inches using rulers and measuring tapes.

On Thursday, Sara, our school nurse, came to Primary B to give a lesson on first aid and self-care. Her focus was on what types of injuries and ailments truly require band-aids, ice packs, or visits to the nurse. The children also got to role-play how to respond when someone has a broken bone or a sprain. 

Ask your child...

  • What are some important parts of a frog's internal anatomy?
  • How does a frog's habitat meet its needs?
  • What life lessons can we learn from the story Beatrice Doesn't Want To?
  • What did you include in your "The Important Thing About Me" poem? Did you write any "Important" poems about other things?
  • What are band-aids or ice packs used for?  What are some important steps to follow if you think someone has a broken bone or a sprain?


If your child has a summer birthday and he or she would like to do an in-class birthday celebration, please email us to schedule a time.

We are taking a trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences to see the exhibit Frogs: A Chorus of Colors on Wednesday, 5/10.

The Schuylkill Center Learning Celebration will be Wednesday, 5/17, from 11:00-1:45. We will be in touch with more details about the event soon.

Enjoy the weekend!

Becca and Marisa