Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

Although we had a short week, it has been busy.

Primary B readers were introduced to several new reading strategies this week. We discussed re-reading texts to smooth our voices and reading a lot to strengthen our reading. Students also learned that readers don’t just stop when they are done reading a book or chapter; they do “something.” For instance, they might reread a favorite part, reread the whole book/chapter, think back over the whole story, or retell the story. Students put those strategies to work during our RWW periods this week.

The weather was wonderful for our Schuylkill Center visit this week. We broke into two groups and learned about the five basic types of weather and about different kinds of clouds. After eating lunch surrounded by the trees of the apple orchard, we hiked to Founder’s Grove, where we found newly cut logs for scrambling over and along.

During our writing workshop time students were encouraged to be “fearless spellers.” Students were “exitit” to share the challenging words they included in their stories without fear of misspelling or being wrong. By helping students feel comfortable spelling words the way that they sound, we also help students to become more fluent writers.

This week, ask your child…

  • What can a reader do when they finish a book or a chapter?
  • What are the five basic types of weather? What is the weather like today?
  • What words have you fearlessly spelled?
  • What did you like about visiting or hosting the other classes during activity time?

Enjoy the weekend, and we will see you Monday for a regular week of school!

Marisa and Becca