Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

Reminder about Halloween: We have reminded our students that there will be no Halloween celebration on Monday, and that no one should come to school in costume. 

On Monday we were excited to welcome Matt Murray, one of our technology educators, to introduce iPads to our class. After a brief overview on the basics of iPads, students were invited to explore the Reading A-Z app. This is an application students may chose to use once a week for 20 minutes that highlights each word in a story as it reads it aloud. The website is also available from the 1st & 2nd Grade Page of Student Central (

On our chilly Schuylkill Center day, we transformed from kids to meteorologists and studied the wind. Using a pinwheel as an anemometer, students were able to observe and measure how fast the wind was blowing (or if the wind was blowing at all). Today students brought home their pinwheels. Students will also get to bring home their own home-made inventions that track or measure wind movement.

This week we have been diligently working on our self-reflections in preparation for conferences. We discussed with students that their reflections are what drive the conversations among the parents and the teachers. We are looking forward to meeting with you and sharing the great work that is being done by our students.

Ask your child: 

  • What did you chose to listen to during "listen to reading" time?
  • How is a pinwheel a tool, not a toy?
  • How did you feel while working on your self-evaluation?
  • What should I ask your teacher during parent/teacher conferences?
  • What are the four ways to describe wind?

A look ahead... On Tuesday we will travel with our class to see and hear the Philadelphia Orchestra perform. Wednesday is our Schuylkill Center day. There is no school on Thursday and Friday due to parent conferences. Full day Special ASEP programs are available on both days. Drop in child care will be available from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for the duration of your families' conferences.

In partnership,

Marisa and Becca