Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

This week we began our first writing unit of the year: "small moment" personal narratives. During this unit, we teach children to notice when seemingly everyday events can be transformed into exciting, detailed stories. Some of our writers' topics include taking a bite of a delicious pasta dish, kicking a home run in kickball, and jumping in a puddle at recess.

In Reading Workshop, we learned how to select "good fit" books that are appropriately challenging and suit our interests. In this lesson, we compared finding the right book to finding the right shoe. Just as you wouldn't wear a shoe that was too big or too small, you wouldn't read a book that was too difficult or too easy. Similarly, just like you wouldn't wear high heels to go hiking, you wouldn't read a story about a robot if you wanted to learn about sharks.

We continued our air and weather study at The Schuylkill Center with an exploration of how air affects the way objects move. First, the children used paper napkins, string, paper clips, and tape to engineer parachutes. Then, we tested our parachutes by dropping them off of various (safe!) heights and noticed how they fell to the ground. We compared our parachutes' descents to those of rocks, sticks, and leaves of different sizes. Finally, our meteorologist/engineers sketched, labeled, and wrote their findings in their science notebooks.

Congratulations to our six brave students who "ran" for Student Council class representative by writing and delivering speeches to their classmates. To keep things fair, we "elected" our representative by drawing a name out of a hat, but every child who gave a speech will be able to accompany our rep to at least one Student Council meeting.

Back-to-School Night is this coming Wednesday, October 5. We're excited to share how are days are spent in Primary B and to provide an overview of our year. In order to give you a full sense of your child's school experience, we ask that you come prepared for an interactive presentation. (Don't worry, we won't make you do our "Go Bananas" energizer -- ask your kids to show you that one!)

This weekend, ask your child:

  • What "small moments" from the weekend can you turn into stories?
  • How are books like shoes?
  • How does air affect the way a parachute falls?

Have a lovely weekend, and we'll see you Wednesday,

Becca and Marisa