Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

We had a positive and productive week in Primary B. In Reading Workshop we discussed "bad habits" that readers tend to have when they encounter tricky words. These habits include "The FREEZE," "The Mumble," "The 'What Does That Say?"' and "The Forbidden Random Guess." We then reminded ourselves of the "good habits" we can use to attack complicated words. These strategies include checking the picture, reading all of the parts a word, looking for little words in big words, and thinking about what makes sense. You may find it helpful to use this language when reading with your children at home.

We also introduced our Listen-to-Reading routine. Once a week, each child is given an opportunity to log on to Kids A to Z, a web-based audiobook program. You can access the site at home by following these simple steps:

TPS homepage -> Life @ TPS -> Students -> 1st & 2nd Grade -> Raz Kids -> click Becca Auritt -> click your child's name -> password: pr

In math, the second graders made tools called "number strings" to help model various story problems. They have also been reviewing how to tell time to the hour and half hour and will soon learn how to tell time to the quarter hour. The first graders are learning how to break shapes and objects into halves and fourths, as well as what it means to divide quantities in half. They also learned various games using dominoes to reinforce their understanding of part-part-whole relationships.

In science we learned about which weather conditions are most common during particular seasons. Many students debated whether it could be sunny during the fall or overcast in summer. We also learned about how the Earth's tilt relative to the Sun determines our seasons.

This afternoon some 6th graders visited our class to tell African folktales they have learned as a part of their yearlong theme study of Africa. The children were a rapt audience, and some even came up with folktales of their own!

This weekend, ask your child:

  • What are some "bad" reading habits? What are some "good" reading habits?
  • What stories did you listen to on Kids A to Z this week?
  • What "small moment" stories have you finished? Which one are you still working on?
  • What performance did you see at Encuentro?
  • Why is it colder during fall and winter and warmer during spring and summer?
  • What folktale did you listen to?

Save the date: TPS Winter Concert, Tuesday, December 13, 2016. Primary Unit Chorus will be singing these three songs for their Winter Concert. Please feel free to ask them about the songs, and maybe they’ll give you a preview! The concert dress will be black on the bottom, red on the top. TPS t-shirts are perfect. Otherwise, please don't wear anything with graphics on it if at all possible. A red dress is also fine if students want to dress up. Here is the link to the songs the Primary Unit will be singing:

Enjoy the weekend!

Becca and Marisa