Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

Our first full week of school was jam packed with community building, learning, and exploration. On Monday we discussed and made drawings of our hopes and dreams for the school year. Some examples include:

"I hope to get better at reading harder words." "I hope I get better at blocking the ball in foursquare." "I hope to get better at writing on my own." "I hope I learn more about the Titanic."

We then discussed how we could help each other achieve our hopes and dreams by creating and following classroom rules. Here's what our class came up with: Be kind. Treat our classroom and materials with respect. Always try your best.

On Monday we launched Reading/Writing Workshop. Children learned three ways to read to themselves:

  1. Read the pictures,
  2. Read the words, and
  3. Retell the story.

Then, we worked on building our "reading stamina" by sitting and reading books independently for increasing lengths of time. On Friday, we learned three different ways to read to someone else;  

  • Check for understanding (one person reads and the listener summarizes);
  • I read, you read (partners take turns reading sentences or pages to each other); and
  • Choral read (partners read in unison).

These are GREAT ways to practice reading together at home.

This week we started meeting in our grade level math groups. In the second grade group, we worked on creating glyphs that describe ourselves. We then used venn diagrams and graphs to compare our similarities and differences. The first grade group built "number racks," which are tools that look like two-row abacuses. We used our number racks to model different ways to make numbers and to solve addition story problems.

We lucked out with beautiful weather on Wednesday for our first trip to The Schuylkill Center. The children enjoyed an al fresco lunch with Primary D and then spent their time exploring and building forts in the Pine Plantation.

Please be aware that we will not be writing a weekly note next week. We hope you all enjoy the extra long weekend. Be sure to read, read, read!

Have a lovely weekend, Becca and Jordan

Important dates and reminders:

  • Please be sure that you have submitted your child's dismissal plan to Teri at the Front Desk. You can drop it off or email it to her at [email protected] PLEASE NOTE that registering for clubs via ActiveNetwork is not the same thing as submitting your dismissal plan. This is a separate form to be filled out.
  • TPS will be closed for the papal visit Thursday, 9/24, Friday, 9/25, and Monday, 9/28.
  • Back-to-School night for preschool-3rd grade will be on Wednesday, September 30. More details are in a today's blog posts about Back-to-School Nights.

Becca and Jordan