Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

We've had a very exciting week here in Primary B! Today we hosted Encuentro for the K - 3rd grade group. The students worked very hard the last few weeks preparing jokes, skits, and trivia questions to present during our assembly time. Ask your child what part he/she had and about classmates' parts as well. There was a lot of laughter and fun had by all! For a little peek into the presentation, take a click through the photo gallery.

Our theme studies involved a lot of collaboration this week. The children were tasked with taking their many ideas of how they wanted to help their community and narrowing them down to one mission statement within their smaller groups. These groups, determined to work on the issues of smoking, pollution, and littering, came up with the following mission statements:

  • We will stop teenagers from smoking by performing anti-smoking skits and handing out anti-smoking prizes.
  • We will teach people about air pollution by putting up 3D signs that have facts.
  • We will clean up litter areas by having litter pick-up events, sculpture making contests, and parades.

Matt Murray, our Technology Integrator, also came in to teach us about a new app on the iPads called "Tayasui Tangram." Students had the chance to explore the app, knowing that they will soon utilize it to design a logo for their model service organization. Lastly, we had our first parent guest speaker come in. Gayle Chesley, Jack A.'s mom, shared about her service work with Camp Cranium, an organization dedicated to creating a fun and safe community experience for children with brain injuries. Our students clearly saw how so much of the information presented tied directly to the activities we've been working on in class!

Please note: Here is a link to the Doodle Polls to sign up for spring conferences. Please sign up for a slot to meet with us and then scroll to the bottom of the email to find links for Specialist teachers' conference sign-ups. Just as we enjoy meeting with you, they would also like to chat about your child's progress and discuss what is happening in their classrooms. Spring conferences are as much an opportunity for you to hear from us as they are for us to hear from you. To encourage our conversations, we ask that you reflect on the year thus far and come with thoughts, questions, or stories to share with us.

Please note the announcement below for the Strategic Planning Steering Committee.

Have a great weekend,

Jordan and Becca