Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

We were so glad to meet with all of you during conferences to discuss your child's progress in school. Sharing what we see at school and hearing stories from home are always an enjoyable time for us. The home-school connection is essential in continuing to support our classroom of learners! Please continue to be in touch with any questions or concerns that may arise.

On Wednesday, we continued our study of rocks and minerals at Wissahickon Valley Park. We discussed how size is one way to classify rocks and measured samples from the grounds to explore the different size classes. Check in with your child about the six sizes we discussed and see if he/she can rank them from biggest to smallest. Ask if rocks occur naturally and what man-made items use rock as one of the main materials. We plan to return to Wissahickon next week so please send your child prepared as though it were a "Schuylkill Center Wednesday."

In Reading/Writing Workshop we began a series of lessons on retelling a story. This is a great strategy to monitor comprehension. Our 'Retelling Rope' has eight knots which help us to focus on some of the main elements of a quality retell. See if your child can name some of the focus points we've been working on so far, and try it out when reading at home together.

Finally, somethings to look out for: Pumpkin Chunkin' - November 7th, 1:00 - 3:00: A fundraiser for Student Council that is sure to be a blast and a great way to compost those pumpkins from Halloween!

Have a restful weekend. We're looking forward to a full week of learning ahead!

Jordan & Becca