Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

It's been a busy full week back after our Thanksgiving break. We've put a lot of focus into publishing our Small Moment writing pieces. Ask your child about their 'Editing Checklist' and what progress they've made so far. We'll continue this very important step of the writing process next week.

On Wednesday, we took some time to discuss the concept of minerals, which our students know are the building blocks of rocks. A brief video from The Geology Kitchen taught us that salt is a mineral so we looked at some coarse pieces of salt under a magnifying lens. We also used large green grapes to represent sodium atoms and smaller red grapes to represent chlorine atoms in the construction of a salt molecule. Ask your child about what they saw under the magnifying glass, what a salt molecule looks like when built with grapes, and what other common kitchen staple is also a mineral. Check out the photo gallery for some snapshots, too!

We are looking forward to seeing many of you on Tuesday, December 15th for the Primary Unit Learning Celebration. We will begin in the Garage for a chorus performance, and then invite you back to our classrooms to share all the hard work we've done this Fall.

Lastly, a note from the Music Department:

The first Winter Concert will take place on Tuesday, December 15th at 9 AM in the Garage. Primary Unit Chorus, Third Grade Chorus, and the Junior String Ensemble will perform, and parents are welcome to come hear their children celebrate the learning they have done as growing musicians in these ensembles. Concert dress is solid red on top and solid black on the bottom. Girls may wear a red dress or red top and black skirt and tights if they prefer. TPS t-shirts are just fine, but no sweatshirts -- it will be too warm on the risers.

Have a lovely weekend! Jordan & Becca


            Jordan Lee
              Primary Unit Teacher