Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

This week in Reading Workshop we completed our lesson series on retelling a story. See if your child can retell a story by identifying the characters, setting, problem, important events and details related to the problem, and resolution. This is a great tool for checking and building comprehension. We also worked on determining the author's lesson in a story, as well as its most important part -- the climax, or "big change" that helps lead to the resolution.

On Wednesday, we returned to Wissahickon Valley Park. Our  Geology Scavenger Hunt led us to many areas of the park where we reviewed size classifications, identified man-made items crafted from rocks, and found rocks weathered by wind and water. The students also had the chance to build their own cairns; ask your child what a cairn is and how many rocks they were able to balance in their structure.

In Word Work, 1st graders were introduced to Word Ladders. With clues to help them, students identified a single letter to change in one word to form another. For example, a Word Ladder might transform from lip - lit - fit - fix - fox - box. The 2nd graders have been learning how to listen for and spell "glued sounds" such as "ang," "unk," and "am." We have also been focusing on recognizing the difference between "r-blends" (trap, frost, etc.) and "r-controlled vowels" (tarp, fort, etc.). As a challenge, ask your second grader to tell you the two meanings of the r-controlled suffix "_er" as in "writer" or "faster." Here are a few reminders:

  • Students should be reading 20 minutes every night. This can be done independently, with a family member, or some combination of both.
  • Wednesday, November 18th is our last week to visit a Country Classroom  for the season. We will visit Wissahickon so please send your child prepared as if it were a normal Schuylkill Center day.
  • We will go to the Kimmel Center for a concert put on by the Philadelphia Orchestra on Monday, November 23rd.
  • On Tuesday, December 15th there will be a Winter Concert at 9am. Our Primary Unit Learning Celebration will follow immediately after. More details will be provided in coming weeks!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jordan & Becca