Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

To accompany our bird study, we are incorporating "Bird of the Week" activities into our Morning Meeting. First featured was the House Sparrow! Ask your child if they can tell you a fun fact about this bird, such as how to differentiate between males and females, what their call sounds like, or an unexpected type of movement you might observe when they feel threatened.

On Tuesday, we discussed the concept of adaptations and how birds' beaks are suited to catch and eat certain types of food. Students tried to "catch" different types of food using toothpicks, spoons, tweezers, droppers, and other tools resembling various beaks/bills. On Wednesday, we studied the movements of birds at John Heinz Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. We spotted egrets, osprey, red-winged blackbirds, mallard ducks, bald eagles (!!) and more. See if your child can describe some of the movements they saw and why the birds might have been moving in that way.

In Writing Workshop, we met in small groups of 3-5 students to discuss strategically selected skills based on how each child's writing has progressed thus far. Some of our young fiction authors discussed:

  • Strategies for when they "get stuck"
  • Using similes to enhance descriptions
  • Strategies to ensure their story makes sense
  • Considering abandoning "Once upon a time..." for an action-filled start

Lastly, a few reminders:

  • The sun has been shining hard this week. Feel free to send your child with a hat and sunscreen for recess and/or Wednesdays at our country classroom.
  • The Move-up Meeting for parents of next year's 3rd graders is on April 28 at 5pm. Please attend if your schedule allows. It is an opportunity to meet the teachers and learn about the 3rd grade program.

We hope everyone has a lovely long weekend. Don't forget to read each night! Jordan & Becca