Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

We had a busy week in Primary B. In Writing Workshop we learned about the main components and format of most letters. We also discussed how writers determine the content and recipients of letters in different situations. We gave the children a variety of scenarios (e.g., "Your grandparents give you twenty dollars for your birthday," "The line at the movie theater was so long that you missed part of the movie," and "You have an idea for a new flavor of ice cream") and asked them to figure out to whom they should write and what their main points should be.

In math the first graders have been learning a variety of games to develop fluency with addition and subtraction facts within 20. The second graders have been exploring various strategies to add two-digit numbers (and sometimes three-digits when we need a challenge!). Ask your child to show you how to add 57 + 32 on an open number line using jumps, hops, and steps. Your child may also be able to show you how to break apart the numbers by imagining them in bundles of 10 and loose sticks of 1, or simply lining up the numbers vertically to add traditionally. Ask your child to explain some of his or her favorite games and strategies to you.

We continued our theme study with an activity about the vast resources offered in Philadelphia and other cities. We came up with different categories of resources, such as "Places people live," "Places to get or buy food," and "Places you can visit for fun," and we asked the children to come up with as many specific places as they could that fit into those categories. Each group came up with over 40 ideas about our city's resources! Be sure to ask your child about some of the places and things he or she came up with.

Finally, we'd like to put in another plug for the Primary Unit Potluck. The potluck will be held on Wednesday, January 20, from 6:30-8:30 in the Garage. This is a great way to connect with other Primary Unit families!

Remember, there is no school for students tomorrow, 1/15, or Monday, 1/18. We hope many of you are participating in the MLK Jr. Day of Service.

Enjoy the long weekend,

Becca and Jordan