Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

We crammed a lot into another short week! In Writing Workshop we are learning how to write persuasive letters, specifically those that ask for something. (Our apologies to any families who start getting letters asking for pets, later bed times, ice cream for dinner, etc.) We focused our first lessons on how writers introduce themselves to the person to whom they are writing by explaining how they are connected to and knowledgeable about the thing they are going to ask for.

We built upon our theme study by having the children sort the different resources they came up with last week into three new categories: "Essentials," Conveniences," and "Luxuries." It was fascinating to hear the children debate how they should classify taxis, Target, dentists, libraries, homeless shelters, and many, many more things. As our theme study moves forward, we are hoping to invite Primary B family members to visit our class to share about any service or volunteer work they do in or around Philadelphia. Please reach out if you are interested in coming in.

Speaking of service work, we have exciting news. During Encuentro today, Student Council announced that Primary B collected the most food items out of any other TPS class for our all-school food drive! Thank you for all of your generous donations. We also hope your child is excited about our new Primary Unit service project, Reach Out and Read. As your child begins collecting money from sponsors, you may send it in to school with your child in a sealed envelope. Cash and checks are both acceptable, and checks should be made out to Reach Out and Read.

Finally, the TPS Talent Show will be held on Thursday, February 11th. If your child signed up, please make sure he or she is rehearsing at home as we will not be designating time in the school day for practicing. Acts must be limited to one minute long and should be something that a large crowd of people would be able to see from their seats (i.e things that require visibility of small details like magic tricks are not ideal). Remember, the Talent Show is a student- and faculty-only event. We will take and share lots of pictures, though!

Stay safe, and have fun this wintry weekend,

Becca and Jordan