Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

We had a busy but fun and learning-filled week here in Primary B. In Reading Workshop, we've started to discuss how to determine the differences between fiction and nonfiction text. We'll continue to explore features of informational text and how we can best use them to find information we are looking for and interested in. It has been perfect timing to start this study as our time out in our "Country Classroom" wraps up. We'll be able to use what we know about informational texts to help us in researching more about rocks and minerals!

Speaking of rocks and minerals , this week we focused on how rocks form differently within the rock cycle. Ask your child about the three types of rocks, and see if he/she can recall how they are formed. Mention that you heard about Primary B weathering crayons into sediment and something about using muffin tins in an oven as cues to help in his/her explanation. We were lucky enough to meet with Trish, an educator at Wissahickon Valley Park, this week. She talked about and showed us samples of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks... just what we had learned about the day before!

As Thanksgiving approaches, we've gotten festive in our classroom by reading The Thanksgiving Day Parade Mystery by Marion Markham to go along with our All-School Theme of mysteries. We also closed out our week by baking cornbread for our school wide feast on Tuesday. Yum!

We've been posting new pictures in the Primary B photo gallery. Take a minute to check them out. Have a great weekend!

Jordan and Becca