Primary B Weekly Note

Dear Primary B Families,

On Monday each child completed a written self-reflection about how the school year is going so far. We are looking forward to sharing these reflections with you during our conferences next week. We will also discuss your child's progress and areas for growth thus far, and we encourage you to come to our conference with thoughts and questions you would like to share with us.

In Math the first graders have been learning a variety of games to strengthen our understanding of part-part-whole relationships. Ask your child to explain how to play "Number Rack Detectives," "Quick! Look!" or "Domino Top Draw." Second grade mathematicians have been working on building fluency with their addition and subtraction facts. This week we built number strings, a manipulative similar to our number racks, and practiced using this tool as a strategy for solving word problems and helping us to write equations. Ask your child about the math problem scavenger hunt or how to play the games "Make the Sum" and "What's the Difference?" from this week.

Our trip to the Academy of Natural Sciences was a huge success. We were given a private lesson about how bones and other remains of once-living things become fossils, and we even got to handle different types of bones, fossils, and other rocks. We then visited the exhibit "The Big Dig," where we learned how paleontologists dig for fossils and got to try it out for ourselves. Be sure to ask you child about the differences between bones and fossils, how fossils are formed, and how fossils are discovered.

Important dates and reminders: Family-teacher conferences will be held Monday, 11/2, and Tuesday, 11/3. There is no school for students, and childcare will be provided during your scheduled conference time only.

On Wednesday, 11/4, we will continue our study of rocks and minerals at Wissahickon Valley Park ( Please have your child prepare for school as you would for a day at the Schuylkill Center: trashless lunch, full water bottle, and appropriate attire.

Mark your calendars! Our Winter Learning Celebration has been changed to Tuesday, December 15, from 9:00-11:00 AM. More details to come as the date approaches.

See you on Monday or Tuesday,

Becca and Jordan