Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We look forward to seeing you at Back-to-School Night on Wednesday, October 5. There’s a TPSA meet and greet in the Garage beginning at 5:30 p.m. We’ll meet you in our classroom after that. If you have any questions, email them to us ahead of time so we can address them that night. There’s more information to come next week, including a Doodle poll sign up for November conferences.

This week, ask your child:

  • What do I know about air and weather?
  • How did Chorus and other Specials go this week?
  • How will our classroom promises help our bodies, our feelings, our minds, and our place?
  • What kinds of books did you choose for your book bin?
  • 1st grade math: What are ways you have tried to count collections of pennies and nickels?
  • 2nd grade math: How do mistakes help our math thinking?


Jennifer and Jane