Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Primary C Families,

Did you see a group of 24 children walking through the neighborhood on Wednesday with clipboards and pencils? It was Primary C! We enthusiastically trekked around noticing what types of things are in our school neighborhood. Children made tally marks every time they observed stores, food sources, animals, nature, transportation, places where people gather, mailboxes, ATMs, and fire hydrants. We learned that there are many types of houses and widths of sidewalks. Over the long weekend, we asked students to notice five things in their neighborhoods.

Stay tuned for more information coming to you soon about a service learning project called Reach Out and Read to raise money for families who don’t have access to books. In the past we have participated in Reach Out and Read as an element of our work around the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. The project will give us opportunity to raise funds for books and to keep track of the many books we read! Please know that there are several ways to participate. If your family decides to contribute to the project by keeping track of the pages of books read or whole books read instead of contributing financially, we will welcome your support. Keep an eye out for details coming your way soon!

This week ask me…

  • How do you use the Retell Rope in reading?
  • What is a twin sentence in information writing? How did I write one?
  • How can we be upstanders?
  • In first grade math, ask me about the story problems we made up this week.
  • In second grade math, what is the difference between a picture graph and a bar graph?

In partnership,

Jennifer and Jane