Primary C Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Primary C focused on mapping during this week’s Theme studies. On Wednesday we built a model of our classroom out of unit blocks. Students then gave it a go on their own, using Unifix cubes. Finally, they sketched a map of our classroom with paper and pencil and used it to make a scavenger hunt to find hidden pennies. As students develop a sense of spatial awareness in our classroom “neighborhood,” we ask them to start noticing landmarks that are in their “home” neighborhoods. It’s been fascinating to see which of our classroom landmarks have been featured in all of their maps. 

This afternoon, our entire Primary Unit met with Kirstin Rogers from Reach Out and Read to launch our reading fundraiser. A note is going home in the children’s backpacks today explaining how our unit wide read-a-thon works. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

This weekend ask your child…

  • What personal narrative did you include in one of your informational articles this week?
  • How have you been magnanimous in school and at home?
  • In first grade word study... What are bonus letters? What is a buddy letter?
  • In second grade word study... What are homophones? What’s a suffix, and what can it do to a word?

In partnership,

Jennifer and Jane